4natur-hampaat Schottlanderilta

4natur-monikerroshampaissa yhdistyvät laatu ja edullinen hinta. Ne on kehitetty yhteistyössä hammasalan ammattilaisten kanssa vastaamaan asiakkaiden vaatimuksiin niin ulkonäön kuin hintansa puolesta. 4natur-sarja vastaa brittiläisen Schottlanderin entistä Enigma-sarjaa.

4natur Upper Anterior Mould Range

There are both S and K moulds. The O range has been completely remodelled with three new and truly beautiful softly rounded shapes which are likely to be a hit with patients. The 4natur range is full of moulds that you will want to pick.

4natur and the Partial Denture Patient

A growing number of dentures that you are called to produce are for partially dentate patients. These frequently mean that you have a large space to fill in the maxilla and that you will have long standing teeth to match in the mandible. There is a new S19 mould to fulfil this need for a very large but well proportioned upper anterior tooth. In the lowers we have added a completely new L11 with longer laterals and incisors. You will therefore rarely have to lengthen or widen the teeth on a 4natur denture.

Posterior Moulds including the New Petite P1

These moulds have been designed for easier and faster setting up and have the bases of the teeth cut away to reduce grinding time in the laboratory. The cusp angles of the uppers is 23° to aid mastication, whereas those of the lowers are flatter to avoid interferences in the mouth and reduce time taken both in clinic and laboratory. 

     Great attention has been paid to achieving a natural appearance and vitality. Aesthetic appearances have been enhanced with the buccal faces of the premolars lengthened to provide an even graduation between canines and premolars, avoiding the ugly step down found in other ranges. 

     Several of the lower posterior moulds are narrower bucco-lingually to provide increased tongue space. All moulds in the range interdigitate easily both in balanced and lingualised occlusion. 4natur posterior moulds cover the full spectrum of clinical requirements, from the petite mould P1 to the extra large mould P6.